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Powerpuff Girls F430
User: Dekker
Live GamerTag: John Dekker
SA Forum Name: Dekker

2004 Ferrari F430
Submitted July 4th, 2007

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User Comments


Nothing could prepare me to witness this on the track.

Absolutely superb! I especially like the pink rims as a finishing touch.

The thing about this car though, it's not just a detailed piece of work but it actually works with the car's shape and look.

Very nice work.



Amazing. :o



Thanks gents, compared to some of my other cars, this was remarkably easy. Oh and the windows are now pink as well :)



I am relatively new to the painting and vinyl aspect of the game. How the heck do you guys do such intricate designs on some of these cars? Can you upload images? Or does nobody work in here? Ha, let me know. Thanks



The paint tools in Forza give you a set of basic vinyl shapes which you can move, resize, skew and adjust the transparency of. It's then just a case of building up the layers. It's impossible to upload any externally created images into the game. Each girl in this design is about 80-85 layers.



Anime and cell-shaded items are great to build in FM2. You just break the character down into shapes, such as 3-4 different sized circles for each eye. The trick it to plan ahead so that you get your overlapping correct.

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